How To Join

Print the membership application.  Fill out and sign the application and give it to any Local 3506 officer.  Application forms are also available from the campus associate vice presidents or local officers. Current officers can be found by clicking the ABOUT US link at the top of the Web page and then choosing the CONTACT US option.  These officers can get you enrolled immediately and you can start enjoying the benefits of membership just as fast.  Help share the cost of supporting our Office and Technical bargaining unit members.  Dues paying members make it possible for the Union to enforce our negotiated contract.

JCD/FTC Local 3506 makes its services affordable for all members.  Our dues program is only $20.00 per month and allows anyone, regardless of their economic status, to be able to join our organization and access important benefits and protections.  The mission of JCD/FTC AFT Local 3506 AFL-CIO is to improve the lives of working families within the Saint Louis Community College District.  Your union dues are automatically deducted from your paycheck at a rate of only $10.00 per pay period twice a month.  Membership earns you the right to vote on union matters such as ratification of our bargaining unit contact/resolution negotiated between the Union and the College.  Local 3506 is the only entity authorized to negotiate with the College on behalf of the Office and Technical bargaining unit for our working conditions.  Membership means that you become an affiliate of national, state and local American Federation of Teachers (AFT) organizations.  There can be safety in numbers. 

JCD/FTC Local 3506 Member Benefits and AFT PLUS
AFT offers top-of-the-line comprehensive benefits that can help you reach both personal and professional goals. With your full-service union, you will find resources at every level of the organization to meet your needs—both on and off the job. Our union works hard to improve your professional life while serving as a resource, a tough negotiator, and a contract enforcer.

Members of JCD/FTC Local 3506 receive the highest quality representation available from one of Missouri’s strongest unions. JCD/FTC Local 3506’s commitment to stand by each and every member to provide top quality services makes this union not only trustworthy, but also reliable. 

The following is a brief list of the many benefits available to each member:

  • $2 Million Dollars Occupational Liability and Legal Action Trust Insurance
  • Legal Counsel / Legal Representation
  • State and Federal Lobbying Services
  • Grievance Assistance and Union Staff Assistance
  • Contract Negotiation Services (Pay and Benefits)
  • College Budget Analysis
  • $25,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance
  • $12,000 No-Cost Term Life Insurance (First Year of Membership)
  • Professional Development Conferences and Seminars
  • Access to Numerous Publications and Reports

A Message from AFT-Missouri President

By deciding to stand with our 1.6 million members nationwide, you have the power to bargain; the power to negotiate; the power to change things, win improvements, and achieve victories that matter to you and to the people you serve.  Together, we are able to attain our goals of fairness and dignity for people in our workplaces and in our communities.  Together, we can make a difference every day in everything we do.

AFT membership brings with it a wealth of opportunities and resources.  By getting involved in the union, you have the opportunity to actively address the issues and concerns you face at work.  Every day, workers like you help shape and drive the AFT agenda.  In addition, your membership provides numerous professional and personal resources.  I urge you to band with coworkers and explore everything AFT has to offer by visiting for current AFT new and resources.

In Solidarity,

 Debbie Bornhop

President, AFT-Missouri


Your vote is your voice

AFT President Randi Weingarten’s latest column outlines the urgency of using our voices—our votes—in this life-changing election, when we will make a choice “between President Donald Trump, who has trafficked in chaos, fear, lies and division, and former Vice President Joe Biden, who seeks to reverse Trump’s failures on COVID-19 and the economy, and to unite and uplift the American people.” Besides the four crises we face—a pandemic, an economic crisis, racism and a climate emergency—democracy itself is on the ballot, as Trump continues to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election.


‘Back to school’ like never before

In her September New York Times column, AFT President Randi Weingarten says that going back to school has never looked like it does now. Weingarten explains that because of President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus, which has been chaotic, contradictory and inept, and the lack of federal guidance and funding, we’re seeing a patchwork of school reopening plans across the country.


Missouri Educators Win in Landmark Supreme Court Case

In a historic decision on May 29, the Missouri Supreme Court gave public employees, including teachers, the right to bargain collectively with employers.
The ruling supports Article 1, Section 29 in the Missouri Constitution, which provides “That employees shall have the right to organize and bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing.”


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